The Battle of Jutland centenary

Today we remember those who died in the Battle of Jutland.
The Royal Navy’s aim – to continue the blockade of Germany across the North Sea by keeping the German High Seas fleet in port – was achieved, but over 6,000 British sailors were killed.

We remember 2 sailors from The Meadows who were killed by the explosion that split HMS Invincible into two halves.
Ernest White of Glapton Road and George Fenton of Kings Meadow Road (circa the Meadows Way West tram stop); from the front page of the Nottingham Evening Post of the 10th June, 1916.

HMS Invincible fought in 3 separate battles and effectively destroyed a German ship before it blew up, hit by a German shell – vulnerable due to a Vice-Admiral’s battle tactics and drive that led to unsafe handling of cordite.

A fuller presentation is available on Facebook.
(Please note, I am not a trained hostorian, so happy to accept points.)


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