Bridge ward monthly report 56

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Highlights included the re-election of Paddy Tipping as Nottinghamshire Police Commissioner, the busy and vibrant Community Gardens spring open day, a statue to Jimmy Sirrel and Jack Warner, and a busy bank holiday weekend in the city featuring music and archery.

However, a range of problems in The Meadows remain and some issues getting worse – people motorbiking where they shouldn’t, some challenging crimes and tipping.
Perceptions slightly changed by casework from the sheer volume of doorstep visits that I and friends are undertaking at the moment.  And yes – the Old Meadows is overwhelming for REMAINing in the EU.

IMG_0949ab0268h BSC drummerSome opportunities – consultation has begun on play equipment for The Green, new housing on Arkwright Walk and on removing the metalwork from the Bridgeway Shopping Centre.

The chaos of schools policy that is forced academisation and giving our schools over to businesses to be run by venture capitalists was debated in full council.

Some moments for reflection too.  The tv documentary on the Hillsborough disaster, witnessed by Forest fans.  75 years since 159 people killed by a Nazi bombing raid on Nottingham, including 40 workers at the Co-Op bakery off Meadow Lane.  Over 6,000 killed at the Battle of Jutland, including 2 sailors from The Meadows blown up on HMS Invincible.

Big moments from the past.  And a big moment for the future on its way.

Approx. 1650 matters logged from around 685 people.  

MME Bridge ward OVERVIEW progress v160602 0900 aa1754h

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