A difficult separation

REMAIN seems to being doing better nationally, and certainly doing well in the Old Meadows.
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SO where does the push for LEAVE come from?

Just this morning’s efforts.
Meanwhile …
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So a tax-dodging media and a kinda nationalism that wants you to stop thinking.
(Cos let’s face it, we beat them 3-2 only last month.)

An article by the Finanicial Times seems a lot more objective and helpful.
Gist is -...  before the divorce comes the tricky separation. … the remaining 27 EU leaders would be deliberating and voting on the UK’s exit deal… the UK cannot dictate the exit terms. … could [be] … an orderly transition or … [an] unpredictable process … no clear precedent … have to re-engineer the world’s biggest single market, setting new terms of access and legislating to “renationalise” volumes of law rooted in the EU.  …

The FT has aked that people don’t lift their articles, so I’d better stop and say – read the article.

Gist is, negotiating out is a big job, will take a lot of the country’s governing capacity for some years and all to still be paying loads to access the EU markets.

And we have other priorities.



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