Proportion on the doorstep

20160526 Guardian headline EU stories ab0481h

Soem alarmist remarks about the LEAVE campiagn being shown by The Guardian, but I much prefer Michael Heseltine’s reaction to Boris Johnson and his muddle over bananas –
He’s not standing up to the strain, his judgement seem to be going“.
Not many LEAVE supporters in the Old Meadows, but those conversations I’ve had have been enjoyable cos they haven’r screamed out at 11, or reflected nonsense like banana bunches or straight cucumbers.
Instead, a sense that Britain was once better and who is anyone to tell us that we can’t do it ourselves.
Conversations have allowed points to be made, like how Norway pays so much to the EU despite being outside, or that there are significant establishments of high spec manufacturing in our part of the Midlands that are at risk if we leave.
Indeed, even when people are starting to think the result isn’t in doubt, conversations about how we trade, do business and make decisons make this a special time to be out and about talking to pople.


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