I want my country back

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Part of a graphic shared for voting LEAVE.
Often posted along with messages of fear of otherness (e.g. of people who don’t speak English on a train); and sometimes even of hate.
Well, I want my country back.

We might lose it if we leave the EU – cos Scotland wants the EU membership because of all that’s gone wrong.  And they provide the blue part of the flag.

And what was the last major common purpose of my country?  Defeating the Nazis?  Yes, but also resolving for work for all, free health at the point of need, success for all in education, homes for all, and social security for those in need.  That was the common resolve, the commonwealth.  Perhaps it didn’t have its own special flag.  But its flag is our own.  Our values – freedom for all, tolerance. The tolerance that brought us success in the past, cos we tolerated those that were different and they brought new ideas; successful ideas; success.

Tolerance.  Not that social media hatred; that exclusion of otherness.

The Old Meadows is getting it.  Big time.

IMG_0925ab0471h OM canvassing team j CllrLA j d i

And we’re working to persuade even more.

Yeah, the Beatles said ‘all you need is love’.  I know; but a bit of graft too.


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