10k fun run in Nottingham and The Meadows

2,000 runners taking over 5 minutes to clear the start in the Old Market Square, raising money for charity.
Our new Lord Mayor, Cllr. Mohammed Saghir greeted finishers.

There are issues of course, including cutting off the city centre and parts of The Meadows. So fun runs like this won’t have this route again.
Efforts had been made to limit the impact of the 10k fun run on residents – although the N Post still managed to publish the wrong route.  The actual route was –  Nottingham 10K 2016 Road Closure Poster   There were residents who didn’t know and if they had been aware in advance, might have pointed out that arrangements should have been made not to trap vehicles in the Hicking Buildings that use Summer Leys Lane to get out, and to not trap vehicles in the walled estate served by Wilford Grove.
The Robin Hood marathon in September will round around The Meadows, keeping Robin Hood Way as the way in and of The Meadows out at all times,  provided others don’t ignore the ‘road closed’ signs – we might need the Robin Hood mini-marathon marshalling.  Access to and from the races should only be along Victoria Embankment.  These will be major changes – driven by the considerable problems caused for residentets, particpants and public services last year.
The route does though use Summers Leys Lane, Mabel Street and Meadows Way East.


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