Meadow Lane Co-op Bakery bombing

IMG_0807fc1275h Battle of the Flames coop bakery WP_20160509_12_27_16_ProThe site of the Co-op bakery on Meadow Lane where 75 years ago today, 48 people were killed and 20 injured by Nazi bombing.

The Co-op built a big grave at Wilford Hill Cemetary for the victims.
There was a memorial plaque remembering the deaths at the bakery, but after the site was sold the plaque was moved to the Wilford Hill Cemetary.

I posted on Facebook about this, and community activst Richard Gutteridge replied “I understand that there is still a bomb under Wiford Crescent West. It did not go off so they just filled in the hole. Another one demolished part of Ryland Crescent just to the North.”


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