Eye in the Sky review

An excellent movie, designed to make you think about the ethics of drone bombing, now that we seem to have the abiliy with technology to decide at almost an individual level, who lives and who dies.
But it’s sloppy in the treatment of politicians, and indeed implies that the terrorists can be perceived as saviours when reacting to an attack- something that politicians and writers of individual law have an understanding of.
A great (almost) final line for Alan Rickman on film – ‘never, ever assume that a soldier doesn’t know the cost of war’.
One final thought – contrast the technology of today, and whether a child of 8 years lives or not, with the attack (described at tonight’s memorial for the firefighters who served in Nottingham in WWII) that killed 3 in Sneinton from one family – aged 3 years, 18 months and 10 weeks.
IMG_0806ac0257h Hutton Street fatalities
Yes, a movie, and a service, to make you think.

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