Line of Duty series 3

Line of Duty maxresdefault
This tv drama series leaves you wanting to know what happens next.  It compels.
Line of Duty S03E06
But it’s not true to life, despite its hallmark drama of the interview and this series’ references to child sex scandals.
The anti-corruption unit make too many mistakes for it to be credible, and of course far too many people (mainly Police Officers) die for it to be real.
None of which would be a problem if it wasn’t for Guardian columnists making out it’s to be taken for something else.
Line of Duty c5fa423a6389344aabd06998550814e4
As it happens, there have been plenty of drama series working off the notion of the Police not doing it right in the past –
– Between the Lines;
– Our Friends in the North (policing of the miners’ strike, corruption, gang connections and the sex trade);
– W.P.C. 56 (sexism of the fifties);
– Hillsborough (with fresh imperative with the court finding that football supporters were unlawfully killed);
– Life on Mars (with the intriguing perspective that the brutal nature of policing was far more worthwhile).

Pertinent all the same to reflect on the horrors of our British Policing history – the racsim, the sexism, the corruption, the sex scandals, the football policing and yes, the policing of strikes.

Yet, who do we turn to in our moments of trouble?  And I think, the focus on neighbourhood policing that came with New Labour changed things.  Including the halving of crime.  And the partnership working.

I’ve now joining the Nottinghamshire police panel for the next civic year. I’ll draw on my previous experience of being on the Police committee for 1993-94. But much as I love it, and look forward to the next series, I don’t think I’ll be able to draw on “Line of Duty”.

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