The Little Englanders are left gasping

Farage 13015666_10156753641250507_5266543024870666883_n
The reaction to Barack Obama’s visit to the UK from Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage has been a horrible version of the Little Englander, despite Johnson being a US citizen and Farage saying the UK is big enough.
Farage says he knows Obama‘s background (see above), without spelling out the torture Obama’s grandfather suffered when Britain was the colonial power.
But the response ducks the main point – the practical implications for trade with the US are very serious if the UK leaves.
Talking about the reality of ‘Brexit’ is a continual problem for the Leave campaign.  Kate Hoey MP was left gasping when asked to cite one indpendent report that said Britain would not be worse off by leaving the EU.
The ‘outrage’ at a bust of Winston Churchill being removed from the Oval Office is yet another sign that ‘Leave’ don’t want a grown-up debate.
Churchill 13007240_10207967207671107_8590452780653501619_n
Meanwhile, the quote has appeared on social media and as indication of how great Churchill was.
Gotta be careful because, despite Taff Vale and Gallipoli, Labour demanded that he became PM after Chamberlain, rather than Halifax.
But the analysis is wantng.
We are with Europe and we are of it.  Trying writing our history without refering to waves of immigration from Europe, or the role of the Romans.  Trying writing Nottingham’s history without reference to the Vikings, the Saxons, the Normans and even the Huguenots.
We’re not choosing between Europe and the open sea.  And in these days of global telecommunications (and even the Chunnel), you wouldn’t limit your contrast to maritime transport.
The world is more accessible now.
Polls seem to suggest ‘Remain’ continues to hold enough of a lead over ‘Leave’.  (Watch out though for the bogus poll in the run-up to Referendum day.)
The polls also show a bigger lead for Sadiq Khan for Mayor of London – hopefully a rejection of the tiny minded allegations by the Prime Minsiter on Wednesday.

One thought on “The Little Englanders are left gasping

  1. When I look at some of the politicians etc who are supporting a Brexit it is a good reason to remain. The UK’s place is in Europe. To vote leave would be a mistake of epic proportions.

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