Notts Police & Muslim consultative meeting

Chaired by Paddy Tipping PCC, issues discussed included –
– preparations for Ramadan;
– hate crime, with improved rates of reporting and actions needed for it to be reported more still;
– operation “Prevent”, with its problems, including being perceived that its targeted on Muslim communities, when mass murderers come from Christian communities too; and realisation that Police are not the nest lead for such a project.

Desperate disappointment that David Cameron has pronounced that Sadiq Khan, Labour’s candidate for London Mayor, is backed by ISIS; it emphasises “Muslim otherness” – .a major factor in current hate crime.
(Has since been revealed that the alleged link turns out to be a Conservative activist! )

I made a particular point about the need to report crime and problems; have had 6 issues in the last 6 months where better progress could have been made if people had reported the problem to council staff or Police officers much more promptly.

The meeting was held at the pavilion at Forest Recreation Ground.


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