Taxing in the country’s interests

The most compelling condemnation of David Cameron becoming wealthy through his father’s use of tax avoidance schemes is his own condemnation of comedian Jimmy Carr.

There are fuller statements …
LabourEoin 12961363_10156717133330403_4404828263343980565_o
… but the change of emphasis to the demands for politicians to declare tax returns risks taking politics away from a proper focus on running the country.
Instead we get nonsense – e.g. “Jeremy Corbyn can’t find his tax return, let’s hope never has the codes for the nukes eh?”
Privacy should be valued.  Tax returns shouldn’t be required outside of checks and investigations by proper and accountable organisations.

20160412 Stephen Barker post from Myanmar aa0641h

Tax systems are shaped to encourage behaviours. Whenever avoidance is encouraged, we need to understand the purpose and whether it’s in the country’s interest.
The recent budget changes reducing tax for the richest are not.
The failure to chase tax avoidance that may indeed be tax evasion is not.


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