Nottingham Labour campaigning in Radford

Supporting Paddy Tipping for Police Commissioner.
Seeking support for “Remain”.
Picking up some case work.
Meeting council tenants who are delighted with their new homes on Argyle Street (a).
Saw a wide-mouthed frog …
… and heard a long complaint from a city council streetscene worker whose pay has been frozen for some time now (b).

(a) A lovely family in the end house of Argyle Street invited me in to see their home, of which they were so obviously proud.
Councils should be helped to build more quality houses such as these.
The kids attend Southwold school and were clearly proud of it.

(b) Met a streetscene worker who after years of a pay freeze is struggling to make ends meet.
This is directed by national Government policy.
But what a boost for the economy a pay increase would be – the money would be spent straightaway, rather than being siphoned off to tax havens.


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