Bridge ward monthly report 54

A month marked by an increase in Deash attacks, including Lahore and Brussels.

Police are continuing to work away at those thought to be trading drugs in The Meadows.

I took exception to a petition that claimed posters against fraudsters asking for money from people on the street was an attack on beggars; the same petition also claimed Framework had been wound up.

I placed an objection to the provision of alternative education from the former offices and warehouse of Paul Smith, and Planning committee resolved to have a second look.

General astonishment at the plan to require all schools to become academies.

Announced during the Budget, which sought to punish the disabled; and had to be rewritten.  The council’s budget agreed over £20 million of savings.

Some good and great art.
St.Patrick’s Day was very pleasant; and a documentary by “Mrs. Brown” that highlighted a battle in which Sherwood Foresters were killed and badly wounded by rebels, in a way that proper leadership could have avoided.  The documentary prompted me to find out more and write up a bit on Pte. Lang who came from The Meadows.

Turns Ireland is the European nation most concerned that the UK should remain in the European Union.

The end to a very warm winter.

Public meetings with NeMTRA and OMTRA. A ward walk, a lonely walk, and a mid-month report – showing progress and seeking action. 1588 matters have been logged for chasing, from around 662 clients, since October 21st, 2011.


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