Begging and the homeless petition

A petition to Nottingham City Council has complained about posters that seek to deter begging as being prejudicial to the homeless.

petition against begging posters

The posters seek to portray beggars – yet the petition sponsor claims  the posters are “demonising homeless people as drug users, alcoholics and frauds“.
Note the step change – to “homeless people“, from beggars.
The equivalence is drawn by the petition’s sponsor, not the Nottingham partnership promoting the poster.
There are instances of people recently being convicted for repeated begging for money in Nottingham city centre, whilst not being homeless; in fact making quite a living from asking people.
Asking people, who when they give; their trust is being broken.
Witness residents who initially welcomed Narrowmarsh residents who they thought were homeless when in fact they were drug users and frauds, and anti-social with it.  Honest people were betrayed.
Just as those who gave to a charity claiming to be collecting for the poor, only for it to be a religious group with city centre offices, run by people living abroad, doing very nicely through those collections.  It took a year, but a local business and I finally got the Council to stop it just before last Christmas.
Nottingham City Council spends significant amount of public money on helping the homeless.  The beggars in the city centre are not the homeless.  The council has procedures for finding the homeless.  So by and large, the council knows who they are dealing with.
The charities who do most of the work for helping the homeless supported these posters and for along time, the recommendation has been to give to those that help, rather than those who claim to need help.
Now maybe there are other points to be debated about the poster, but the opening contention of the sponsor- that we are misrepresenting the homeless – is just wrong.


The Council’s presentation on its new campaign.
Links to previous articles on the issues.
On beggars not being homeless, from the NP Post :
“WHEN police emptied the pockets of a city centre beggar they discovered he was carrying £800. Officers say the man is one of a group of ten regular Nottingham beggars who they believe are not genuinely homeless or in need of help.”


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