The day after

IMG_0274ab0466h NPost 160324 p07 coverage of planning cttee
Planning committee got quite a bit of coverage in today’s Nottingham Post.
And I’ve received protests about not yet giving planning permission for the alternative provision school on Riverside Way.
Strangest – someone wanting to protest without giving their name.
Some smiles as the most flowery quotes were attributed to the wrong Councillor.

Meanwhile, a chance to catch up on casework and news.
20160321 Arkwright Walk works montage ab0169h
Works have now opened up Arkwright Walk, moving the playground to the other side of Crocus Fields.
It seems the 10k race in May is on, but such a small scale fun run will not be allowed to disturb the city centre and The Meadows again.
Requests for help with parking fines (unlikely) and with avoiding bailiffs whilst in hospital (more possible).

WP_20160324_19_39_50_Pro ab0135h nottm s lp gen mtg
I’m now a member of Nottingham South Labour Party and we heard a briefing on the European referendum at its monthly general meeting.

Enviroenergy Board and the impact of the very warm winter is being assessed.

WP_20160324_21_30_12_Pro ab0422h stoney street chairs
A strange sight on Stoney Street on the way home.
Back to watch the third series of “Line of Duty” (series 3) on BBC tv i-player. A bewildering first episode. Waiting to find out which famous actor’s character is killed off in episode 2.
Line of Duty series episode 1 aa0120h (c) BBCtv


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