Planning committee March 2016

IMG_0022ab0243h NPost planning cttee 01 start
A lot more eventful than any of the committee members were expecting, and all being posted on-line by Nottingham Post reporter Jennifer Scott as it happened.
And I think Jennifer said the page had 2,000 hits by halfway.
Not sure if that’s right, but I hope this idea is popular (despite some of the problems with almost instant posting).

A renewed office block on Maid Marian Way had been proposed 2 or 3 years ago with a green engineered front. Now, to be a residential block with a less impressive front, so Councillors pleaded for one more go.

Clifton Bridge Inn site …
… and a success here for Cllr. Pat Ferguson who spoke to the problems caused by a car dealer arriving unannounced in her Clifton North ward.  The committee spent some time working up a more determined set of actions to see the matter resolved.

IMG_0029ab0323h NPost planning cttee 07 ch mme
A small-scale children’s home for a part of Sherwood that I used to represent and Jennifer gives me a major write-up, even though what I had to say was relatively minor to the issue and the officers were on top of the point was raising (reflecting a frustration I once had with an even smaller home in Mapperley Park.
The price for such a write-up is that she has me saying ungrammatical things, which, well, I’m sure that can’t be right.

Then the consideration on a school providing alternative provision, which I’ve posted on elsewhere, and which the Post has written up separately.

Graphics of the Nottingham Post web-site are their copyright and included for the purposes of illustrating the story. Please visit their site to properly read their reporting.


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