Debate on city police division

nottingham police organisationNottingham City Council has provided extra resources for uniformed presence on the streets to deter and reduce crime.
With the extra provision has come a focus, and a determination to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.
If the episode of the Ashforth Street shootings in the 1993 was to be repeated now, the determination would be so much stronger than that shown when policing in St.Anns was managed from a Carlton perspective.  (A better response then might have saved us from some of the national headline grabbing attention that came 10 years later.)
A themed police force obviously has some merit, but the distinguishing feature of crime reduction has been neighbourhood policing – a geographical approach – that requires the disciplines to react to people’s concerns rather than their own.
To call this decision operational, when it is clearer so much broader is unhelpful.
If it’s being driven by cuts, then we’d need to understand how it saves money, but asking functions to work across areas as far apart as Gotham, Worksop, Blyth and Aslockton without some kind of geographical perspective begs a question.

Just why would the Police want to lose the focus and energy that Nottingham City has brought to the fight against crime?


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