William Lang, Sherwood Forester, died 26.4.1916

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Brendan: “I’ve passed this memorial so many times and never knew what it was for. It’s nice to see it here, but I hope somewhere somebody’s remembering the young raw recruits that got off a boat in Dun Laoghaire, and ended up dying on Mount Street bridge.”
Fine words in an excellent BBCtv documentary about Irish rebels shooting at Nottinghamshire Sherwood Foresters sent to break their blockades of parts of Dublin City during the 1916 Easter Rising.
Proud of his uncles’ participation in the rising; sorrowful and at a loss to explain the crass nature in which Notts soldiers were led in the battle.
Brendan hopes there’s a memorial to the Notts soldiers.  There is, listed with all others who fell in World War I.

Here, information on William Lang, a soldier from The Meadows who was killed.
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Indeed, beyond the permanent memorials, an archivist of the Sherwood Foresters has written a book.

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The City Council’s Central Library local studies team found the book and other information for me very quickly.
Such information shares the view that the rising did not have public support, had not given home rule a chance, and that it was the reaction to the rebels and others, after the rising was suppressed led to the creation of the Irish Free State.
The consensus is also clear the Notts soldiers were badly led.
I wonder if or when they families ever got to know about what happened.

But Brendan O’Carroll’s emotional statement certainly prompted me to find one more way of recognising a Meadows man’s contribution.

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