OMTRA public meeting March 2016

30 Meadows residents meeting to discuss local ambitions and hear a pirouette of a speech for The Meadows from the Chair, Margaret Spencer.
IMG_0164bb0096h ML OMTRA cbhu0gcprrb14c65h3a652d1t6644111WP_20160315_19_29_31_Pro bb0153h ML OMTRA cbhu0gcprrb14c65h3a652d1t6612529
Presentations on the new Meadows tapestry, and Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens, before reports from community protection officers and Councillors.
A one-page graphical report was circulated, which built on a recent check of the neighbourhood and a previous report to the NeMTRA AGM.
Questions were asked, including on events, use of the cricket pavilion, motor vehicles abusing the Meadows Recreation Ground.
A resident new to The Meadows praised the cleanliness of local streets and the energy of the streetcleaners – nice to hear.
Loads of local issues rehearsed and debated at a well-attended meeting..


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