I wondered lonely as a casework-seeking Councillor

Yeah, some stuff came up today, so had to go on a walk to check things out.
But what a glorious morning.
IMG_0070aa0750h MRG Bathley Street lime trees
Lime trees looking glorious along Bathley Street, bordering the Meadows Recreation Growth.
Some pruning needed however for the residents, now scheduled for October.

WP_20160311_12_55_19_Pro ab0246h Bathley Street new signs
Having assumed we wouldn’t get no-through-road signs as part of measures to mitigate some bizarre driving behaviour along a new stretch of Bathley Street, hallelujah, we get some.
Yeah, not exactly in control, am I.

IMG_0066ab0240h Meadows Cricket Pavilion east side
The 2016 tribute to the 1906 cricket pavilion, looking slightly featureless with its security blinds drawn, but dazzling in the winter sunshine nevertheless.

IMG_0071ab0239h Glapton Road bin day

Bin day.  And my contribution to pseuds calendar 2017.
Truth us, the problem I went to check can’t really be discussed publicly; nothing too serious; just can’t report progress yet.



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