Mid-month progress report – March 2016 (1)

Bit early for a mid month report – but it’s NeMTRA’s AGM tonight.
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Community cleanliness and safety remain top priorities. 
Here Nicola reviews again the recycling bins at Bridgeway Shopping Centre car park where clothes are not being taken away often enough.
There are continuing issues with litter in some streets such as Wilford Crescent West, but over the years the problems at the west end of Muskham Street have gone.
Last month’s ward walk was along the west side of The Meadows.

Bridgeway Shopping Centre.
Soffits currently being replaced.
Meadows Post Office has been re-opened.
We have to consider the best way forward for the metalwork that seeks to decorate the centre.

Free School on Riverside Way.
I have placed an objection to the planning application for the school to be based in The Meadows, beyond the permitted permission and for its capacity to expand.  This will be discussed at te March meeting of the Planning committee.

Residents Parking Permits.
Survey gave overwhelming mandate for action.
Nicola and I want to visit some streets where return rates were lower.

Tree pruning.
Now scheduled for October.  (Do want to get this right when this is done.)

Project Sensible and energy bills.
Early signs of research suggest that New Meadows huseholds are conuming a lot of energy.  More as more becomes know.
Robin Hood Energy now provides good rates for people who pay with pre-payment.

Some interstng maps of transport systems of old that served The Meadows.
Meanwhile, to keep the frequency of a bus service, use it frequently.
I’ve used the Robin Hood Travelcard for a couple of mnths now and enjoy the flexibilty and lower rates it provides.

There are five events so far arranged for Victoria Embankment and Meadows Recreation Ground. Race for Life (Jun 5), Cycle Live (Jun 25-26),  Women’s 10k run (Jul 10), Riverside Festival (Aug 6-7), Caribbean Carnival (Aug 20-21), Robin Hood races (Sep 25).
We expect all event organisers to avoid cutting off The Meadows and to manage their sound systems more effectiviely.
MPT are seeking interest for The Meadows to be more involved in this year’s event.

New developments.
A give way sign at the egress from Atlas Street will be installed by the developers.
A more difficult problem to tackle at the west end of Bathley Street where people are parking in turning heads and others are driving across the grass from the former pub car park.

Owd Boots.
The N Post has reported that the renewed  pub now as a grade listed status.

Case numbers.
Received 1557 logged requests from around 649 clients since Oct. 2010.
End of month report available here.


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