Jane Urquhart condemns the Housing and Planning Bill

Bizarrely, the Government advocates that councils should be forced to sell high value council houses, and yet expects councils to be part of developments that provide affordable housing, defined by the government as having a market worth of £250,000 or less.
IMG_0027kb0885h QWCC CllrJU WP_20160308_19_54_45_Pro
“So the same house can be affordable and high value!” – Cllr Jane Urquhart, portfolio holder for housing and planning on Nottingham City Council, briefing Bridge branch Labour Party.
The Housing & Planning Bill, opposed by the Labour Party, is currently going through the House of Lords. It also –
– ends lifetimes tenancies for council housing tenants;
– increase rents for households earning more than £30,000 per year (what 2 people on minium wage can earn).
The Labour Council is both preparing for the changes and joining the protests.
There’s a protest on Sunday 13th March, meeting on Low Pavement at 11am, walking on to the Brian Clough statue at Old Market Square. 


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