Bridge ward monthly report 53

MME Bridge ward OVERVIEW progress v160229 1915 aa1754h
Top priority in recent months has been the trade in illegal drugs and the impact of their use, including litter left in public areas. The Police have now served a number of warrants.
There was overwhelming support for action against commuters and match-goers parking in residential areas, in a survey conducted by the council. We now intend to extend the existing residential permits schemes across New Meadows, probably in the Summer.
Concern too about proper and fuller use of Victoria Embankment. Charging for parking on the carriageway more than 2 hours will be introduced in April. Spaces are being taken up by office workers based in West Bridgford and at the expense of park users and customers of local shops. Sports use is now being run from the new 2016 version of the 1906 pavilion. It’s handsome. A proper opening event takes place in the Spring. For too long, people walking to work via the carriageway have had to make the journey in the dark. So we will provide street lighting using 20-year life LED bulbs installed in a modern take of an Edwardian lamphead.
Council housing is now being built in six different streets in the west of the Meadows. We still intend to provide playing equipment for younger children in The Green that lies between the new housing.
There’s a new focus on empty properties following public complaints by OMTRA, and we hope to report progress soon.
Ward walks are being used to pick up on dumped waste, broken fences & lighting and ASB. Join us on the walks, or report problems direct by e-mail or on the phone (, 0115 8761319).
The council has started 2 new schemes to provide cheaper energy – Robin Hood Energy – and cheaper local travel – Robin Hood Travel. Look these schemes up – you might save some money.
Congratulations to Friends of Meadows Library, on their tapestry that portrays many scenes of The Meadows today. To be on display at Meadows Library.


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