Glenis and Liz and Labour IN for Britain

IMG_9882ab0716h OMS Labour in for Britain GWMEP lkmp

Glenis Willmott MEP and Liz Kendall MP in the Old Market Square to support Labour IN for Britain campaigners with leafleting and talking to shoppers about our case for REMAINing in the EU for Britain’s sake.

Glenis has recently published 5 reasons to REMAIN in the EU.

Opinion of people I spoke with was overwhelmingly for staying in – those for leaving walked on by – and I think the message that change risks a number of established jobs has begun to get across.
Some real frustration at the conduct of politicians recently – especially the bickering.  Maybe I’ve not been watching the television enough, but it’s going to be a bit harsh if petty points on wearing suits smears both sides.


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