Utterly one-sided

Manchester United dominated from the first second, which was a bit of a shame, cos we had the kick-off.
We knew Salop could win, cos we’d seen them beat better teams before.
But it never crossed our minds that they’d mis-control, then slice passes, and then kick balls into space, in hope (and that’s was just the first 8 seconds).
And then you see how the United players had the skill and the physique and the speed.
IMG_0019ab0393h Salop v ManU BBCtv MME tmc
Thankfully, the utter one-sidedness of the match did not fully come over on BBCtv’s Match of the Day, although the misery of my realisation, and of my nephew’s, after only 6 minutes play was broadcast.  La de da.
IMG_0015ab0468h Salop v ManU offside goal
One big quibble however.  Three players standing in the goalkeeper’s line of sight to the striker of the free-kick, in an offside position, should be offside, no matter how politely the Man U Manager had sought the referee’s permission before the match.
So a disappointing 5th round FA Cup tie, but not to forget the excitement of the previous wins over Cardiff City and Sheffield Wednesday.

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