Shropshire Regimental Museum

IMG_9843ab0474h Shr castle museum tmc age.jpg
A large display of dress uniforms and silver, rifles and pistols, swords and stories of what became the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry at the time of my Dad’s Dad serving in WWI.  And he never told us.
IMG_9859ab0234h view of Salop from castle.jpgHoused in the handsome sandstone of Shrewsbury Castle, with a glorious view out east to the old Gay Meadow, the Abbey, Lord Hill’s column and the Wrekin, the museum is set where once Shrewsbury & Atcham Borough Council met.
I went once to a full council meeting (before I was 18).
I’d heard the Tories had stopped a Monday evening meeting cos it was going on too long.
So I went on the Tuesday for the short remainder, and it appears the Tories hadn’t turned up in proper numbers, so Labour got all their amendments through.  A very rare occasion.


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