Planning committee February 2016

Broadmarsh car park sketch ab0381hBroadmarsh car park and bus station was the main item.
The car park does now need to be re-done, and for some time of course, the expectation was that it would be demolished.  Difficult to re-decorate a sixties concrete car park, and the use of corporate greens and greys in the proposed design is bold.  The use of glass fins creates the impression of a solid wall from an angle whilst retaining gaps for light and air. Broadmarsh car park elevations ab0791hA significant concern is ensuring proper access to the bus station, and to neighbouring streets from those who’ll use four new (mainly NCT) bus stands for Canal Street.

The latest version of the Local Plan and its progress through public consultation was considered.  Lots of points were raised at Area 8 committee only a week before, but all that consultation and it can be trumped by things like free schools being given free reign, such as off Riverside Way in The Meadows.



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