Directing support away from those serving most in need

councils cutsThe Conservative Government has been directing financial support away from those councils serving those serving the most in need.
The published graph shows it.  An R-squared correlation of 0.81/1 is very high.  “The correlation is stunningly high for anything outside mechanistic/physical science areas. Exceptional for anything is social/biological/medical sciences.”

An extra transition cash announced last week gave even more to those councils serving less deprived cohorts.  Reference has been made to pork-barrel politics, but this is because it bought off a rebellion by some Conservative MPs.
No actual rationale for the transitional allocation has been made.

As it happens, everything we do should be checked for correlations with deprivation.  If the correlation is low, then what have we lost by checking.  If the correlation is high – if it’s to help those in need, OK, and if not why not.
20160215 Nottingham s rebased settlement funding ab1536h
Nottingham is finding £20 million and more in savings for the next financial year.
What we could do with those millions.
By the way, re-basing is a way of estimating the money that was made available for service responsibilities that the council has since taken on. 


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