News had just broken about a member of the Supreme Court dying, and President Obama now being in a position to get a majority for greater gun control measures.
Cut then to Trumbo, and Dalton Trumbo’s plan for him and the rest of the Hollywood Ten to be found in contempt of the House Un-American Activities Committee for standing by the first amendment to the constitution, and then to be saved by the Supreme Court – a plan unravelled by the death of a Supreme Court judge.
H10Protest.gifThe film tells an amazing story of persecution for what you belief, including being sent to gaol for 11 months.
Seen in parts, often in documentaries, and hinted at in films like ‘Nixon’, but brought to life and given form in this chocker movie.
So many events, so many characters, so many injustices and some heroes – despite Trumbo’s final speech, when he says there were no heroes or villains, only victims of events.
Well, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to see John Wayne in the same light again.
There’s been criticism of the style of the movie, but I don’t agree.
A good and great movie telling the story of good people defying great evil.


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