Deutschland 83

When we think of close scrapes, then those who lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 and were old enough to know it, cite it as the time they thought the world might end.
1983 is overlooked, but the more we learn, the more it becomes clear that it might have happened.
deutschland-83-title b
Deutschland 83,
a German production that has finished being broadcast in the UK on Channel 4 tv, tells the story of how military men in NATO thought a tactical nuclear war could be fought in, and limited to Europe, and leaders of The Warsaw Pact thought they needed to strike first before NATO did.  And Operation Able Archer could well have been the time when the mutual loathing and misunderstanding could have triggered nuclear exchanges.
Ronald Reagan is said to have been so shaken when he was briefed that the East actually believed the West was about to attack, that he changed tack and sought a new diplomacy.
The thriller series weaves in events and movements from the age, including movements I was a part of, with a spy genre to entertain and explain.
deutschland-83-28There were great moments and stories, some tragic, including of the secretary, manipulated into hoping and believing she’d found love, only to realise that she had to run and then fight for her life; and shockingly lose, just when she thought she’d escaped.
The drama series does have weaknesses – some of the twists being barely credible and some key dramatic moments being left to the imagination.
Things are different from ’83, and indeed ’45, ’49, ’62 and ’73.  Which is why it’s so depressing that arguments are still stuck in the fifties language of unilateralism and multilateralism, and the eighties portrayals of disarmament as cowardice and surrender.  2016 is not the most dangerous time in world history.  Renewing Trident would be a tragic waste of resource – and it’s such a shame that we, both west and east, lack the imagination to find a way to do something more useful on both sides.

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