Ward walk for checking trees in The Meadows

Second part of a walk today to assess trees causing problems, and raised by residents through casework.
Most of the trees in the New Meadows were planted in the early seventies and many are now quite high or wide or both.
We’re looking out for trees that are causing too many problems by being too close to residential properties, or those that are poor specimens or breaking up.
This seems to be particularly true of Robinia trees, so we’ve tried to check all of those.
A quid pro quo for where we are removing trees is that we expect new ones back in their place, albeit the species might be changed for something more suitable.
We are not cutting down ash trees; sadly, we are waiting too see the impact of a new disease that’s killing such trees.
We prefer to re-shape a tree rather than cut it down.

As part of the walk, other Meadows scenes were witnessed and points noted for action. Including –
– the new Skylink Express service;
– demolition of stacked maisonettes on Arkwright Walk;
– further progress of The Meadows tapestry by FoML;
– a dramatic funeral cortege;
– bizarre car parking on Wilford Crescent;
– a goat willow on The Green damaged by storm Henry (a tree was also lost);
– progress on house building near The Green;
– the start of soffit and light replacement work at Bridgeway Centre;
plus various incidences of litter to report.


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