Tram route to Gedling

Only just caught up with an N Post article from 19th January.
There is so much to consider about finding the money, the justification, the backing and the permission for a route to Gedling for the tram (see my article for a fuller consideration).
But if it is to be a tram route as part of a phase 3, it’s hard for it to follow the railway corridor from Grantham all the way in.

So you have to explore crossing the canal at Cattle Market Road (with a stop perhaps on Meadows Way East), or at Meadow Lane (with stops at Trent Bridge Island (for City Ground, cricket ground and County Hall) and Bridgeway Centre, using Arkwright Walk).
And then you know why the first phase of any project is known as the optimistic phase.
Using Meadow Lane and then Daleside Road invites the notion of using the tram to support the huge plans for new workplaces and housing along the Waterside of the River Trent. But is our governance set up to support something that doesn’t exist yet? The kinda of stupid question you wouldn’t ask yourself in The Netherlands.
But it is legitimate to require lots of park and ride as part of getting modal shift. The Racecourse offers some, and some is envisaged at Gedling Colliery, but is this enough? Would a bridge across the river to reach the A52 be needed and if so, would that be enough?


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