Ward walk January 2016

Walking from All Faiths church to the bus depot, then to the old telephone exchange, up and around Portland Leisure Centre and then to the Riverway Pub on Arkwright Walk.
Points included –
– discussing news of a Police operation against drug dealers earlier in the week;
– concern always about properties east of the bus depot managing the small yards in front of their houses properly;
– some issues with borders of Portland Leisure Centre, some associated with the recently completed construction works (which a disappointed manager had clearly thought he’d had dealt with);
– the grounds of Riverway pub have been improved, reinforcing rumours that the pub may open again soon.

As pretty as daffodils are, they are coming out way too early.  We need proper winters to kill off vermin.

Meanwhile, frustration from OMTRA over empty properties, who have written to the Nottingham Post. Empty homes are a wasted resource and a blight on neighbourhoods, which is why we have a very active Empty Homes team, currently dealing with over 500 empty homes and instrumental in bringing 110 properties back into use in the last year. Private landlord behaviour is having to be policed by public services and paid for by the people. There will be a new site visit to Wilford Grove soon.


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