No need to run or hide

Channel 4 tv have broadcast “The Mad World of Donald Trump” fronted by Matt Frei.
And it says ‘be afraid, very afraid’.
Trump – scaring people about Mexicans and Muslims; a billionaire, but only after bankrupting four businesses and all in property development; getting the support of working class people who he’ll never care about; needs Sara Palin to win the evangelicals; hateful about women, and possibly worse than that with his first wife.
1380488_599581193412491_905441738_n.jpgPalin – ridiculed by the media over her problems with sentence structure (which us Prescott supporters might take some exception to); also a speaker of hateful things – ‘wearing coats of political correctness like a suicide vest’.
Stories of her son being arrested within hours of the endorsement on domestic violence charges may also have harmed Palin and Trump. And saying her son was hurt by military experiences (caused by Obama, when he served before Obama was elected).

Eventually, the media and the public did find their line and length with Palin and she lost credibility.
So maybe too, they will with Trump.
Cos the surprise is that Western Illinois university, the only ‘pundits’ to correctly predict the outcome of U.S. presidential races every time since 1975 are predicting that independent democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders will be the next President.
I’d feel sorry for Hilary Clinton – the first credible woman candidate for President.
But a Sanders election would be thrilling.
But would Sanders really be up against Jeb Bush? And would he really beat Bush in Florida? And who are the other two candidates who’d win states in a Presidential election?

I don’t know enough about politics in the U.S.A.
I just hope it turns out alright.
P.S. Sara Palin came to national prominence through John McCain, who supported her even when things got difficult. Donald Trump has since attacked and ridiculed John McCain’s military service, even though Trump didn’t serve. And yet Palin has run to support Trump.

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