Neil Butterworth

Neil was once a city council worker involved in working with businesses to raise funds for good causes.  Occasionally we’d met up on the NCT 45 bus home and he was always interesting and interested.
At his funeral, 200 people heard from his lifelong friend, Ben Lucas, that he held a wide range of jobs, starting out as a learn as you go photo-copier repair man.
His parents ran a post office in Beeston and as he was about to set out on his married life with Judy, he redirected the savings built up by his grandparents, from a deposit on a new house, to a trip to Munich to see Forest beat Malmo in the European Cup Final.
Lots of little life events like these were exhibited at the wake afterwards.
Neil held a number of strong views, and campaigned too. He was part of a Anti-Nazi League campaign against a National Front office being set up in the Lace Market.
Taken too soon by cancer, lots of small details of his life were exhibited, and the big truths of his family’s love were all so visible.


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