An imperfect day

I wonder how strange, in retrospect, Wednesday 20th January 2016, will be seen to be.
Regionally, the Tory MP for NW Leices. called the East Midlands an economic powerhouse, cos the job count was up, and the Tory MP for Lincoln sought to mock Labour by ridiculing the Beatles and their song ‘Yellow Submarine’.

CZVZhtrWAAAcfC5.jpgNationally, the Prime Minister celebrated a strong British economy, on a day that was to see the markets slump and some mutter about a repeat of 2008.
Meanwhile, it’s revealed that the Tory campaign strategist was paid £2.4m for his work, and the strategist has chastised Labour for lacking intellectual rigour.
Yep, we lack intellectual rigour – so the line on the Yellow Submarine was worked out.
Planet wise, turns out it’s another hottest year on record.
And solar system wise, it turns out there (may well be / is) a ninth planet after all, that could be up to four times the size of the Earth, declared within a year of flying past Pluto, that had already lost its planet classification.
Meanwhile Sarah Palin has come out for Donald Trump, telling us how we should be, only for her son to be arrested, a few hours later, charged with domestic violence.
Still, Nottingham City Council’s Planning committee went well.


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