Meadows Partnership Trust AGM 2016

Sixteen Meadows residents attended the delayed AGM, the sixteen including guest speaker and council leader, Jon Collins.
MPT are recovering from the fallout of employment services contracts that were just too challenging and an attempt to run the Embankment pub for the community that suffered from poor external advice.

Miriam Gifford is the new chair, elected after the annual report and accounts were presented and agreed.
Awards were also presented to Rajinaarpal Singh’s daughter for Raj’s long commitment to The Meadows, the Meadows Foodbank for its community work, Kayleigh Jones for playing a key role is the successful transfer of the pub to Castle Rock and Alicia Deans, both for her work on a community case and for her conduct when someone was threatening to jumping off Trent Bridge.
A 12 page community newsletter has also been produced.
Jon Collins spoke on the budget, the importance of the voluntary sector and various points on The Meadows.
On the budget, probably £20.5 million of savings to be found for the next year, despite plans to increase council tax by 1.9% plus the 2% acknowledged by Gov’t as being needed for social services for older people.
On the voluntary sector, Jon said it was important and the various community groups were being protected from cuts, with money being allocated to the Areas of Nottingham more in proportion to need; he acknowledged MPT’s impact.
On The Meadows, Jon stressed the ambition for its communities to be more sustainable through a greater social mix. The council had also done more for The Embankment, and he welcomed the new pub.
Jon reported further progress with the expansion of the tram network, the launch of Robin Hood Travel and Robin Hood Energy.
He also re-iterated plans to build more affordable housing.
Alan Parker, from the council’s regeneration team, gave further news on new housing, including dates for current construction, planning dates for Arkwright Street, Blackstone Walk and the re-opening of full length of Arkwright Walk to cyclists and pedestrians.
I circulated a graphical progress report and in answer to questions, said works for the row of trees in the park along Bathley Street are being prepared, and that I wanted more progress on boosting the Bridgeway Shopping Centre rather than campaigning for new supermarkets.


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