Calm down Thomas

IMG_2087ab0321h t.png
“I’ll tell you what happens with impossible dreams.
You start with 5 years, in a school in Caerphilly.
Being a Shrewsbury fan alone, surrounded by Cardiff supporters.
And the teases and taunts are pickled into a seething resentment
and then a hope,
that one day your team might compete with theirs.

And then they meet, and we score,
and you end in a grotesque chaos of a gentle lad
– a gentle lad –
gesticulating like a wild animal
on live Welsh television.

I’m telling you,
you can’t say “calm down Thomas”,
when Salop look set to knock Cardiff out of the FA Cup.”
IMG_9586ab0309h Salop at CCFC t MME t.jpg
(Apologies to Neil Kinnock, who we dearly love.
And credit to S4C for the video.)


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