Protest camp on Cliff Road

Protestors have camped on the playing fields on Cliff Road.
The protest has moved from being on Station Street (by Loxley House, the city council’s main office).
The council believes arrangements are in place so that no person from Nottingham needs to sleep rough on our streets for a second night.

Protest is a part of life in our free society and there is never a protest that doesn’t cause some inconvenience for people who are not directly involved.

Residents do have concerns but they know what it’s like for people who don’t think they get a fair end of the stick too. They are trusting that the protest is legitimate.

The playing fields were created in response to residents’ demand and, at the moment, they and their children can’t use the field for what it was designed for.

BBC Nottingham Cliff Road _87470066_87470065
Photo by BBC News Nottingham.
Residents are anxious that the playing area is properly looked after and returned in good state, including the grass and the sand pit; and that no public health issues arise that are not then dealt with.

Uniformed officers have been at the site and been to visit residents too.


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