Review of 2015

It weren’t great.
Just like 2014.
Politics was described as being in a stale funk in 2014; and the same source said the most successful in politics are doing it by making people confused. This year, the source gave up in exasperation at the progress of Donald Trump’s campaign.
Ridiculing Ed Miliband’s headstone of commitments, and yet this was a year whose General Election campaign saw huge whoppers told, and their campaign director get knighted.
It’s too difficult to get a job, harder still to get a proper job; too difficult to find a home with a proper landlord service, and way harder to rent a council home, and too difficult to buy a property, too difficult to get developers to develop patches of land standing idle, too difficult to see attractive new buildings built, too difficult to get green houses and to deliver green transport, in part cos it’s too difficult to know of the infrastructure below ground level, or in the case of new housing, to find a gas mains to connect to; too difficult to provide continued public services, most especially for the youth, the sick and those without stable and secure incomes too difficult to keep the numbers of Police required.

So to the good news.
The Meadows Cricket Pavilion.
The tram services through The Meadows starting.
The Meadows Advice Group.

We could do so much better.


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