Personal favourites of 2015

August was the month –
* that cold short shower at Trent Bridge, 10 minutes before the test match starting and thinking – that could change something;
* the ceremony for the Meadows Cricket Pavilion – telling the history of sport grounds in the Meadows;
* the first tram service from Queens Walk, welcomed by a local resident with a little speech;

Also –
* FoML’s santa grotto, packed yet focussed;
* showing family from Tasmania around the ward, including Tasmania Close;
* “Fargo”, again;
* “Spectre”, “Suffragette”, “Bridge of Spies”;
* The Wedding Present, Brix Smith at the Rock City event;
* Angela Eagle’s campaign meeting in Nottingham;
* a talk on George Orwell;
* A Fabian meeting on how to win next time;
* Alan Johnson quote – “Wish I had the self-righteous certitude of the finger-jabbing representatives of our new kinder politics”;
* Salop’s win at Crewe, for the drama of a last minute winner, and as part of a pleasant family day out; (oh, and promotion was nice).

As before, “debating” Tories; talking green principles and the “curve index” at the planning committee; the busier community events; the carnival parade; radical histreh.

Not included –

Re-election was nice, but the work that went in made the event feel no more than part of a 36 hour shift.  And because of the success in Nottingham, we were blinded to what was happening in middle England.

Robin Hood Energy, and more recently, Robin Hood Travel. RHE is an excellent initiative, with lots of opportunity – but we’re waiting to see how it all pans out before we say success. RHT adds options to current arrangements.

Not quite such a good year as 2014, which is saying something.


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