Meadows Christmas events

With Lilian Greenwood​ and Nicola Heaton​.
Three events –
1. Friends of Meadows Library, in conjunction with MyNottingham, put on a Santa’s Grotto, with food for the families, attracting 207 children.
2. Meadows Partnership Trust, again in conjunction with MyNottingham, put on another Santa’s Grotto, as well as stalls to buy food and presents; followed by lighting up the Christmas Tree at Bridgeway.
3. Bridge branch Labour Party social.
Photos show –
a. Exchanging Christmas cards with a mum and her daughter, who appears on my Christmas card.
She dressed as an angel, me being one-quarter Angell.
b. That mum with daughter, who has just found out she’s pictured on my Christmas card.
c. A brother and sister, two of the more active in the community, who live near to the library and attend Emmanuel school.
d. The managed queue for Santa, children being called to queue, 5 or 10 at a time.
e. Staff entertaining and educating children, before and after their visit to Santa.
f. The library service values the help of volunteers, here postgraduates from Nottingham Trent University, who welcomed the children who came to see Santa.
g. with Mum and two daughters from the Old Meadows.
h. with mother and child from the New Meadows.
i. with the founder of Notts Mums.
j. four children appeared to arrive too late.
Three brothers who attend Riverside school were given presents by me, after a grilling on their favourite subject at school (Maths, English and English).
The mother of the girl saw the problem and begged Santa to hang on to give present her with her present.
The three brothers – 2 year 2s and a year 3, were very polite and assured.
So Santa 204, me 3.
k. Library staff join in the fun, posing as Rudolph the red bauble nose reindeer.
Aren’t kids a joy?
l. Santa Claus leaves for the North Pole, having met over 200 children at the My Meadows​ Library grotto.
m. Kids on the merry-go-round at Bridgeway Shopping Centre.
n. Kids enjoying the merry-go-round, provided by The Meadows Partnership Trust​ at Bridgeway Shopping Centre.
One girl just didn’t get off.
o. Steve with his family, selling all sorts from a stall, including painted wooden fish for 50p.
Yep, I bought it.
p. A man on stilts, dressed as a reindeer and blowing up balloon toys for kids, at the MPT event in Bridgeway Hall.
q. Terry Regan, Chair of Meadows Diabetic Society, and fellow health campaigner, with Lilian Greenwood​ MP.
r. Thanking youth centre workers for MyMeadows and MyClifton who are currently boosting attendances.
s. The My Meadows​ Christmas tree was paid for by funds made available to thank communities who suffered some problems due to the extended tram construction works.
t. In front of the newly lit-up Christmas tree at Bridgeway Shopping Centre, in My Meadows​.
u. Eunice and Terry following Georgia Power​’s favourites from youtube.
v. Bridge branch social.
Includes photos by Georgia Power.


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