Keep calm and carry on – but be alert

Two days on.
Three teams of Daesh members, by means of automatic weapons and bombs have conducted three sets of attacks in Paris, near the national football stadium, on restaurants and at a concert venue.
Currently 129 reported killed, most by being shot by automatic weapons at short range, with no hope of defence. Those shooting are reported to have appeared emotionless during the attacks. Most involved directly blew themselves up.

20151113 Eagles of Death Metal concert attacked Jeb Snow b0440h
BBC News let an expert opine on how the defeat of Daesh equated them to communism, unchallenged.

BBC News have not been great.
Too long before telling a basic story of events.
Too quick to describe Parisians’ reactions as one of panic.
Too dismissive of those who serve to prevent such atrocities – ‘caught with their guard down’.
Too quick to accept that all the perpetrators are now dead.

The risk now is that the news reporters try too hard to be the news makers and whip up the ideas that our defence is heightened alerts, military reprisals and legislations to invade every British person’s private life.

20151115 Peter Hitchens MoS b0831h
Peter Hitchens has published an article asking us all to calm down and think.
I was once sat at the back of a Labour conference hall near Hitchens who was alone and muttering to himself.
And how often I’ve disagreed with him.
So how bizarre to find me thinking he’s got some points here, prompted by a fellow railway trade unionist!

Well done Hilary Benn who has simply said we need to know how well any military response will actually work and Charlie Falconer who’s said we kinda have to acknowledge that approaches like that may not have worked fully for us in the past.

Change in aspects of how we live, and what we do as a country, may well be needed. ~
But can we not think about it first?
For instance, what did stop agencies doing more with what they thought they knew about groups organising in Belgium?

Finally, congratulations too to the Metropolitan Police officer who when interviewed on Saturday kept emphasising that being able to live our life freely was part of the battle against terrorism and that the main change required is to be more alert.

“Keep calm and carry on – but be alert.”


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