suffragette-movie the time is now suffragette-movie tradition
Finally saw the film this afternoon.
Gives form to tremendous injustice.
The handing over of the week’s earnings.
The abuse at work.
Husbands being expected to keep wives in order.
Neighbours cold-shouldering.
And as such, is required watching.
If unpleasant, because of the stories it tells.

Gives form too, to the violence in the protests. Always controversial.
Leaves you wanting to find out more.

Similar gender mix for the movie that my sister witnessed.
Hazel wrote – “There were approx. 50 people in the room, sadly only 6 chaps! It is a film for all the family. It is part of our social history and factoring in the elements needed to make it a “good film”, it portrays a period that was only 100 years ago. Time moves on and it is easy to forget or not even be aware of how we benefit today from other people’s actions in the not so distant past. I’m not a feminist because I don’t have to be. … I went on my own to see this film, but came out in a mini forum of women sharing their thoughts and feelings. “


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