uon-sensible-turas-public-talk-at-empowernottingham-16-1024 b0485h
A map of Project Sensible’s energy initiative in The Meadows.
WP_20151104_19_05_47_Pro AS slide b1153h
Alan Simpson contrasted the despair of green initiatives in Britain with the progress in Germany.
As a last minute sub, I explained how initiatives since the seventies for public transport, social equality and revenue protection in Nottingham had led to environmental progress in Nottingham.
During questions, I explained that the priority is to ensure Robin Hood Energy gets off to a sound start, and that options for a green energy rate are being explored.
Notes on the Em-Power-Nottingham event are available.
Alan Simpson, former Nottingham MP and now climate change advisor to the Welsh Assembly talked about community energy projects in Germany, Professor Mark Gillott and Dr Lucelia Rodrigues from the University of Nottingham Department of the Built Environment presented the MOZES community energy project in the Meadows, along with Dr Anton Ianakiev who will discuss the Remourban city demonstrator project in Nottingham.

The slideshow of Project Sensible is available.


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