Explorers’ Guide to the Creative Quarter launch

IMG_8710ab0433h CG explorers guide to the creative quarter cover
A 72 page A6 booklet promoting Hockley and the Lace Market.
IMG_8709bb0361h CG explorers guide to the creative quarter eat food and drink
Sections on retail, arts, fun, food, bars, events and maps.
IMG_8709db0108h CG explorers guide to the creative quarter launch 12079695_928069813927541_7790154347084279961_n
120 people attended the launch at the Nottingham Contemporary.
IMG_8709cb0130h CG explorers guide to the creative quarter launch 12108031_928069780594211_6200578609871322436_n
A mini garden was set up in the middle of the hall.
I skulked at the back, enjoying fish goujons and chips.


Tram works snagging and landscaping

151008Tweetb0337h QD at TheRealMikevVJ works question
An expression of frustration in a tweet cos works along the tram routes and nearby remain less the pristine.
The tweet shows a picture of Queens Drive, near “ng2”.
Landscaping works have been a frustration throughout the scheme – the north end of Arkwright Walk and neighbouring Lammas Gardens properties in particular suffering when it seemed all other tram works were done.

IMG_8708a0480h RHW restored refuge
There is a programme of works to be done, both landscaping and snagging, and indeed restoration of facilities that were taken out to allow access for plant, such as the refuge at the south end of Kirkewhite Walk on Robin Hood Way.
This is now being re-instated (see photo).
And progress has been made on the green area between Robin Hood Way and Meadows Embankment tram stop, which used to be a roundabout.
There is no published schedule showing the works to be done, or the timing.
Frustrating for groups who want to start adding to the landscaping plans already agreed by contracts for the tram construction.
For now, suggestions and concerns just need to be fed in to make sure the schedule is full and complete.

For a kinder baking

Television manipulates.
We all know it.
Often we want it.
BBC TV’s Great British Bake Off is often the worst.
Putting people under undue pressure and taking many quick expressions of emotion to tell a story of scale out of all proportion to what’s occurring.
And you wonder why broadcasts of winners prompts tears, and outpouring of emotion in tweets and facebook posts.
And then the politicians join in.
Including congratulations from George Osborne. La de da.

Manipulation of a different sort as a Merseyside family tried to tell the country that the husband, father, son and policemen – run down on duty – was loved and was murdered.
8 and 3 year old daughters laying flowers at the scene of the crime.
But I’m not complaining.
It made you think.
The conversations.
The attempted explanations.
The dawning of the finality.
It put Bake Off in perspective.

And then the Mail and the Sun get involved.
On the final – “We are left with [a] Muslim mum, [a] gay doctor, and [a] New Man”.
A headscarf wearing daughter of Bangladeshi parents and mother of 3, winning the competition was it is alleged ‘PC ideological warfare’.
An “evictee from the program would still be on the show if ‘she’d made a chocolate mosque’.”

And now, now Bake Off is about modern Britain.
We are a mix.
From across the world.
Because of our past successes.
In turn coming from our early embrace of tolerance.
Enjoying other people’s development and success.
Being free to choose a winner based on talent and achievement.
Rather than background.
Rather than hatred.

NeMTRA public meeting October 2015

IMG_8703b0301h QWRGP NeMTRA nch speaker
Attendance of 12.
NCH presented a project to celebrate The Meadows.
I had an opportunity to run through a graphical summary of wards issues, and present a one-pager on plans for parking permits throughout the New Meadows.
Points raised – Is Bridgeway CCTV camera blocked or ineffective? Has street lighting in demolition area around Blackstone been cut? What are the demolition dates for Arkwright Walk? Need an update on bowling green.
Other points –
– General support for parking permits and action for the car parks at Bridgeway Shopping Centre;
– No concerns about proposals for VC plaques at rear of The Memorial.

Spiegeltent in Old Market Square

IMG_8689ca0467h OMS Spiegeltent clothes stalls compilation
In Nottingham for four days, the century and more old portable music hall – a German wooden tent with mirrors (spiegel) inside – is special, and today was my only chance to see it.
This for the fashion stalls event where local shops and businesses showed off their wares.
Met a shop from Cobden Chambers – they were re-launching on Saturday – and local playwright Stephen Lowe (who has a tram named after him).
Stephen is part of the push for Nottingham to be recognised as a UNESCO international city of literature and was saying how there is a large number of writers in the city – who can write as well as wot I can – and to prove his point, another playwright turned up whilst we were talking.