“Wake Up! Indie All Dayer” (Rock City)

Slow to realise “Wake Up! Indie All Dayer” was on (at Rock City), (but even paying the on the day price), it was great event and good value.
Just a joy to hear those Fall songs, and fine with Brix and 2 other former Fall members.
My first time to see Wedding Present, and again, great performance and good sound. The most understated arrival ever seen – they looked up and then started when they’d got the instruments tuned and were satisfied with the sound check.
Even Sultans of Ping FC were great, understated in classic indie fashion – though let down by 2 pairs of leather trousers.
Nottingham Post review.
Disappointed about the remark about Brix being bloated – not accurate and not clear why it would matter if she was. Yes, it’s hard to ‘cover’ Mark E Smith of 30 years ago, but I enjoyed it.
Brix and the Extricated.
and don’t it feel good.
Just wonderful to hear all those Fall songs again.
Even the new one carried that DNA.
Thirty years (to the day) since her first appearance in Nottingham. She likes it.
Poignant times for me.
And just like thirty years ago, I’m not sure that many knew the songs.

The Wedding Present.
Best thing to come to Nottingham from Leeds including those that won by cheating and students who don’t know their own heritage.
Nah, too harsh.
Formulaic, but what a formula.
Just another excellent performance.

Echo and the Bunnymen.
Not quite the highs of the others.
Strange given their catalogue.
Kinda odd that the lighting only ever put them in silhouette.

Sultans of Ping FC.
Like, that’s really nice.
Their outlook – like stupid kids, enjoy shopping and keep your jumper clean.

Obviously Lorna was not in the groove of anything else, but it was worth a go.
A bit guilty about missing the others, but went for drink and food instead.

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