For a kinder baking

Television manipulates.
We all know it.
Often we want it.
BBC TV’s Great British Bake Off is often the worst.
Putting people under undue pressure and taking many quick expressions of emotion to tell a story of scale out of all proportion to what’s occurring.
And you wonder why broadcasts of winners prompts tears, and outpouring of emotion in tweets and facebook posts.
And then the politicians join in.
Including congratulations from George Osborne. La de da.

Manipulation of a different sort as a Merseyside family tried to tell the country that the husband, father, son and policemen – run down on duty – was loved and was murdered.
8 and 3 year old daughters laying flowers at the scene of the crime.
But I’m not complaining.
It made you think.
The conversations.
The attempted explanations.
The dawning of the finality.
It put Bake Off in perspective.

And then the Mail and the Sun get involved.
On the final – “We are left with [a] Muslim mum, [a] gay doctor, and [a] New Man”.
A headscarf wearing daughter of Bangladeshi parents and mother of 3, winning the competition was it is alleged ‘PC ideological warfare’.
An “evictee from the program would still be on the show if ‘she’d made a chocolate mosque’.”

And now, now Bake Off is about modern Britain.
We are a mix.
From across the world.
Because of our past successes.
In turn coming from our early embrace of tolerance.
Enjoying other people’s development and success.
Being free to choose a winner based on talent and achievement.
Rather than background.
Rather than hatred.


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