Forest exhibition at the Contemporary

Kinda wrong. Posing with the 1979 European Cup.
IMG_8364b0448h Contemporary Forest exhibition 1979 cup and frames MME
Especially when news that Salop had lost their fourth home league game on the trot to bottom placed Crewe Alex had just come in.
The nearest I’d been to silverware live was our Welsh Cup in 1985 at Bangor.
IMG_8360b0491h Contemporary Forest exhibition 1979 cup frames fans Birtles shirt
So to the exhibition “City of Miracles: stories from the Crowd”, which is part of the “City of Football” campaign and the prelude to the new film about Nottingham Forest European Cup victories “I believe in Miracles”, to be shown at the City Ground on Oct 11th and on general release from the 13th.
Social history is there too – clips of Nottingham people protesting for people to buy British goods and commenting on bicycles being allowed on pedestrianized streets.
One story that is missed generally is that officers from the Treasury Dept. of Nottingham City Council ran Forest during this era, so I’ll try to get some more stuff on that.


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